Status bar network indicator- show no activity even when there is

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    Is there any way to hack the network indicator on the status bar, such that even if an app is requesting data over the 3G network, the indicator won't show it?

    Like, if I had a background app running, and it was requesting data over the 3G network, it the down arrow on the network indicator would usually be lighting up. Is there any way to have it not light up, so the user wouldn't know if data was being received/sent?

    So perhaps, the way this would be done, is with an IF statement, like, IF the IP is one of these in an array, don't blink on the network indicator.

    This is not for malicious means.

    I actually think someone may have hacked me in this way, so I'm trying to see if this is something possible to be done..... so again... not malicious.
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