Start email by voice command with Exchange ActiveSync contacts.

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    Hello all,

    I have an HTC Incredible 2 which I use to read e-mails from my personal e-mail (a Google account) and a work e-mail which I access through Exchange ActiveSync. I can use the Google voice commands to start an e-mail to someone in my Google contacts, but not my MS Exchange work contacts.

    For example, say I have a friend named John Smith who is in my Google contacts, and a co-worker named Jim Jones who is in my Global Address List contacts for MS Exchange ActiveSync. I can say "Send e-mail to John Smith," and the phone starts an e-mail with John Smith's e-mail address in the "To:" window. If I try the same thing with Jim Jones, an e-mail is started with nothing in the "To:" window and Jim Jones's name appears in the body of the e-mail.

    How can I set up my phone so I can start an e-mail to a contact in Exchange ActiveSync by voice command? Do I need to sync the Exchange contacts to my Google account?

    Any thoughts?


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