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    Stanley Studio is Art Gallery of famous Indian painter Stanley Suresh.

    A painter by passion and teacher by profession, Stanley has spent more than twenty five years of his professional life in study and exploration of creative paintings.

    Blessed by destiny and talent all his life, Suresh's high points have been the letter written to him by Mother Teresa in her own hand, and the inauguration of his first exhibition by former Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi.

    Stanley has won several awards and honors over the years and has performed several shows across the world.

    Some of his works are called Mother Devine, Monsoon, Ecstasy, Made For Each Other, Monsoon, Gathering, Affection and On A Rainy Day.

    And some of his major triumphs include:

    Participation in the Art Exhibition "Contemporary Indian Painting - Tradition To Modernity", Fulda, Germany
    World Telugu Artists' Painting Exhibition, Hyderabad
    Work in the direction of three Telugu films - Ganesh, Antahpuram and Seenu
    A documentary made on his life by the ZDF TV Team, Germany, 1991
    Felicitation by Rajiv Gandhi, former Prime Minister of India, 1991
    Felicitated by P V Narasimha Rao, then Prime Minister of India, 1992
    Jugalbandi with Hariprasad Chaurasia (painting and flute) at the Suramandal Silver Jubilee Celebrations, 1993
    Visits to many European countries for one man shows and demonstrations

    This app showcases, great masterpieces and original paintings of Stanley.
    It highlights his life, work and different series of his paintings.

    Come Discover Art with Stanley...