StageFright 2.0 Bug Leaves More Than 1 Billion Android Phones Vulnerable

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    The other day at the Google event the CEO of the company "Sundar Pichai" informed us that more than 1 billion phones using Android. It turns out that nearly all of those devices are vulnerable to a new stagefright bug. Stagefright 1 is the series of bugs that reside in Android's libstagefright. They can be triggered by a media file which can be sent to the unsuspecting victim via text message. The new bug is being called Stagefright 2.0. It is a set of two vulns that can be triggered inside specially designed mp3 and mp4 files. One of the bugs exist in all versions of Android since version 1.0. Google has said this will be fixed in an update coming out next week. For more information on the intricacies of this vulnerability head to the source link below.

    via arstechnica
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