SS vs. Bugless Beast for battery life? and more Q's

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    hi guys,

    I just rooted a week ago and am enjoying Froyo and Chevy's awesome 1.0 GHz ULV kernel :D

    I am currently running BB 0.4 though I am considering switching to SS once 4.6 comes out.
    My question is, can anyone compare the battery life on these two roms? I got a bit more juice out of my phone with stock 550 mhz Android 2.1 than I do with 1.0 ULV on Froyo. I suppose that's to be expected considering the overclocking, but would I stand to gain more battery by switching to SS?

    Also from what I understand, Pete added a feature behind the scenes that makes it so that in BB you don't need to manually manage CPU temperatures and speeds with SetCPU. Is this the case for SS as well? I don't want to use SetCPU really. Will this ROM automatically slow down and speed up the CPU appropriately to save power and still be fast when necessary? And not overheat or anything?

    Finally, chevy if you're reading this, is there any chance you could pick up Google's slack and fix the "shoddy audio quality for Pandora and other AAC+ streams" bug in Froyo? It's being discussed here: Issue 9308 - android - eaac+ and aac+ decoding sound quality problems (Android 2.2) - Project Hosting on Google Code

    Thanks a lot in advance, everyone! :)

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