SS 5.4 and Navigator

Discussion in 'ChevyNo1' started by ChezJfrey, Aug 23, 2011.

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    Never mind below and ignore this post...I'm just dumb :)

    I just tried Navigator for the first time since adopting SS 5.4 and I get FC every time I try it within Maps. If I just go to Navigator, I can launch it, but when I choose an address, I will then get the FC message.

    I dug up a few older posts and found someone mentioned that the voice input/output settings might cause an issue with Navigator, so I went to the Text-to-Speech settings within that menu and again got a FC message.

    So, that might be the culprit, but how do I fix/get around this? Anyone know?
    Edit: Scratch this...I just realized I'm an idiot. I discovered the problem was something I works fine. Carry on... ;)