Sprint's 4-Day Dash Promo Saves You Minimum $200 on Working Trade-in Toward LG G4 & Service

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    From today through to Monday, January 25th, Sprint has a 4-Day Dash promo that might be worth checking out. You can save up to $200 when you trade-in a working smartphone toward a new LG G4 and Sprint's service. This offer is in addition to (stacks with) all of Sprint's other current offers. Here's a quote with more of the details,
    • Sprint offers the opportunity to switch and save 50% off most AT&T, T-Mobile and Verizon rate plans[1].
    • Sprint delivers the fastest LTE Plus download speeds according to Nielsen Mobile Performance data[2]—faster than Verizon, AT&T and T-Mobile.
    • Sprint covers your switching fees up to $650 per line, via American Express reward card after online registration[3].
    • Switching is easy! You can visit a Sprint store, go online or call 1-800-SPRINT1 to make the switch from your current carrier to Sprint. And, you can keep your same phone number.
    • With Direct2You, you can have a Sprint expert deliver a new phone to you virtually whenever and wherever you want – for free.
    • This weekend, you can get a minimum $200 trade-in on any smartphone when you purchase an LG G4. Check back at www.sprint.com for future limited-time-only offers.
    For more info, here's Sprint's promo link: Now’s the Time to Switch to Sprint and Save $200 When You Purchase LG G4 and trade in any smartphone | Sprint Newsroom
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    I'm going to go at lunch or after work and talk to them. My wife lost her job in December and money is tight. saving 50% on our plan would be a good thing. I want to check about coverage though. At home, data doesn't mean much, we have good fast wifi at home and same for me at work. But I want to make sure the coverage is enough to get directions and basic websites if I need them.

    Went down and made the switch to Sprint. I had no issues with TMobile, but since my wife lost her job, we are having to find ways to save money. We just dropped our wireless bill from $205ish at TMobile to $86 a month at Sprint. 3 lines, 2Gb data each and unlimited talk/text. We got 3 LG G4 phones.

    If anyone is going to do this, the wording is kinda iffy on their website. In order for them to pay off your phone payments or termination fee, you have to turn in your current phone. That does not give you the $200 credit on your account. To get that, you have to turn in an additional smartphone. If that is clear then I have issues reading because it wasn't to me. We got around that by buying a cheap $40 prepaid phone at Target and turning that in for the $200 credit. In the end, we got 3 $200 credits that covered the tax on each phone and put $165 towards the purchase of the G4s and our monthly payment on each G4 is $12. It took a while to finish the whole process for all 3 lines...like 2 and a half hours long but in the end, we are saving over $100 a month on our cell bill for at least two years.

    Also, I had to go to an actual corporate Sprint store, not a 3rd part Sprint store. The 3rd party store I went to first would only apply the $200 to accessories, not the phone itself.
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