Sprint S3 Blue vs Amethyst - OS version difference?

Discussion in 'Samsung Galaxy S3' started by hwilkins, May 6, 2013.

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    We just upgraded to the S3 for our family. We got 2 Pebble Blue and 2 Amethyst units.

    The two blue units are behaving slightly differently than the 2 amethyst ones.

    For one thing, their versions are different (amethyst shows Baseband L710VPBMB1, blue show D4) The kernel version is different too (blue newer at Apr 15, 3.0.31-1130792, amethyst at Feb 14, The blue units did go through an update during initial activation / configuration, and the others did not. However, going to the System Update page, none of the options show updates available.

    When going into Google Play "My apps", the blue units both showed available updates for ~17 of the built-in apps, which updated fairly easily. The amethyst units show NOTHING in the Google Play "My apps" screen.

    The blue phones made me sign up for a Samsung login, while the others prompted to update the Samsung app and then never showed a login/sign-up prompt at all.

    Sprint tech support is not knowledgeable on this at all.

    Can anyone help me understand what is going on here?

    Thank you,
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