Sprint Delays on the Samsung Galaxy S III May Be Coming to an End on July 1st

Discussion in 'Android News' started by dgstorm, Jun 28, 2012.

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    This obviously isn't Verizon specific, but it might be worth sharing with your friends and loved ones on Sprint. Because of "overwhelming demand" for the hot new device, Sprint has had to push back the ship dates on most of their Samsung Galaxy S III 16GB orders. Additionally, insufficient supply also slowed things down. Because of that, they pretty much missed their target date of June 21st for offering the phone in the retail chain, although they were able to ship the previous pre-orders out. Also, just 1 day ago they were able to ship out pre-orders for the 32GB version. Since then, the pre-order page has simply stated, "Sorry, we are out-of-stock. Pre-Order Closed. Check back."

    Now we have new word from Sprint indicating that the phone will be coming on July 1st, although it is still possible that even that date could get pushed back. Here's a quote with some details,

    Sound off in the forums if you get yours on Sunday or a few days thereafter, and we will keep you informed in case something goes wrong. It's good to see that Sprint is bending over backwards to try and get these orders filled.

    Source: S3Forums via AndroidAuthority