Spigen Neo Hybrid v2 & IQ Shield Screen Protector.

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    The Spigen Neo Hybrid revised case has crystal clear sound as far as I been told! So VZW Note 4 owners don't need to worry anymore!

    As for a decent screen protector? The IQ Shield wet screen protector for less than $10 and lifetime warranty!

    As reviewed on Amazon a few hours ago.

    Amazon.com MGVRay s review of IQ Shield LiQuidSkin - Samsung Galaxy Note...

    Ordered the SGN4 last Thursday and began the search for screen protectors. I was amazed at how many issues there were on field with screen protectors for this phone. I was about to jump on a Skinomi but saw this. So glad I got this instead. Skipping forward, I just finished installing my IQ Shield. The fitment is almost perfect, it's almost a perfect fit, but it still leaves the edges a bit bare. After a bit of massaging, there is no halo effect. Being a wet application screen protector veteran, massaging it is the trick to getting the edges perfect.

    After reading so many reviews, I think this is the best it'll get for now. Still waiting on a perfect fit glass screen. Until then this is a great choice.

    + Wet screen application. The most clear and perfect outcome is with wet applications. Those dry application hard protectors are for the lazy.
    + Texture of the protector is different from many other wet screen applications. It's practically smooth with no drag/rubber feel to it.
    + Priced EXTREMELY well. Less than $10?! Yes!
    + Real rubber squeegee. Size and shape was more than enough for the huge Note 4.
    + Good spray applicator. Not as soapy as I prefer (Realook rings a bell) but it was decent.
    + Lifetime warranty! But nearly all reputable screen companies have them... We'll see how great the customer service is when it gets to that point.

    - Not 100% perfect coverage. However it still covered most than I have seen on the market. Not a fan of how the protector doesn't cover below the home button.

    Overall 4/5 stars only because of the coverage. However, this is as good it gets. For now.

    Here's how it came out!

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    Looks great. It looks like they changed the design of the Neo Hybrid. The one I have on my Note 3 has a nice rubber lip all the way around the edge that would fill in that little gap left by the screen protector.
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    Very nice review!
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