Spiderman HD By Gameloft Mini-Review

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    So I bought the new Spiderman game from the Gameloft website. I told myself I would not take a chance getting cheated out of my money for a non-working app but I ended up doing it anyways. Boy am I happy I did. This is my mini-review so take it as you will.

    Length: 3/5
    Details: The length wasn't extraordinary, but it also wasn't a short game. I honestly have no idea how much time I spent playing it.

    Fun: 5/5
    Details: I had a ton of fun playing this game. It might not be the type of game some of you like, but I really enjoyed it.

    Features: 4/5
    Details: Very full featured game in my opinion. You get ranked on every mission, can take snapshots when fighting the bosses, and other extras from the main menu. With that being said, I still think there is room for a little more.

    Graphics: 3/5
    Details: Really nothing to say.

    Controls: 5/5
    Details: VERY good controls. Never had a single problem. Best layout possible for this game in my opinion.

    Overall: 4/5

    Summary: I would definitely suggest purchasing this game. I got very much pleasure out of it. The phone I used it on was a Droid X. Comment on the review and tell me how I did :) First review I've done.

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