Sphero May be Releasing a Small Retail Version of the BB-8 Droid in Star Wars for a cost of $150

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    It looks like the new Star Wars droid, BB-8 might actually show up as a retail product in the near future. In fact, Sphero CEO Paul Berberian confirmed rumors that his company is involved in a project that will bring the little droid to life and make it available as a toy we can purchase.

    Berberian said, “What an incredible honor it is to work with the team at Disney on one of the most interesting new characters in the Star Wars franchise. Opportunities this significant are rare. If anyone can execute and deliver on an exceptional BB-8 experience, it’s our Sphero team in Boulder.”

    No details have been revealed, but the above image showed up on Sphero's website along with a sign-up form for future info. There were also some hints from Gizmodo that a retail BB-8 droid was in development and could cost as little as $150 USD. The New York Times even posted an article which indicated the Sphero BB-8 will be about the size of a large apple.

    Either way, it would be pretty incredible to have one of these toy droids to share playtime with your kids! :)

    Source: AndroidAuthority
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