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    Hi all,

    I have a Samsung Galaxy Note 2, obviously, and whenever I'm using the SPen to hover over certain items like messages on the default Email app or when I open/close folders on the "desktop" (regardless of wheather I'm using SPen or not), the phone starts reading the Email message or it says that "The folder is open"/"The folder is closed" respectively, and a) the voice is really annoying; b) it can be embarrassing when you're in a public setting.

    The phone's settings:
    • the S Pen menu doesn't have anything to do with reading messages or announcing actions outloud (or maybe it does and I missed it)
    • in the Accessibility menu TalkBack is turned off and all the options in it are unchecked
    • Text-to-speech output is the only place where that might help but I can't find anything there to shut my phone up
    • Driving mode is also turned off
    If you can help me out I'd be very grateful!

    Many many thanks!
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