Speed... What does it all mean?

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    Hey everyone. I have a question...

    Is there anyone who has an MDroid running stock 2.1 with a 1GHz+ overclock?

    If so...

    How does it compare to a 1Ghz Snapdragon Android phone (i.e. the N1 or D.Inc.)?

    SetCPU benchmarks for both?

    I'm not looking for tech specs or speculation, that means nothing to me. I've done a search of the forum and found that a bunch of people will comment on the structure/design of the two chips, and while they all sounded quite knowledgable no one answered the question definatively or by direct comparison.

    I'm asking specifically how do the phones compare performance-wise, from someone who has observed the two side by side.

    Thanks in advance...

    =- Dusty -=
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