Specs Leak for Sony's Next Flagship Tablet, the Xperia Z2

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    The full specs for Sony's next flagship Android tablet have been leaked. We have no idea when the Xperia Z2 will be officially announced, but when it does, (assuming this leak is accurate), it will have the following specs:

    • 10.1-inch (1920 x 1200) Triluminos display
    • 2.3GHz quad-core processor (most likely a Snapdragon 800)
    • 3GB of RAM
    • 16GB of storage
    • A microSD slot
    • 8MP rear camera & 2MP front-facing camera
    • 6,000mAh battery
    • Android 4.4 KitKat
    • Only 6.4mm thick
    • Waterproof (resistant)
    Some of these specs are simply very good, while others are outstanding. As usual, Sony is bringing their ubiquitous waterproof feature along for the ride. There is also a nice sized battery, KitKat & 3GB of RAM. It may not have the Snapdragon 805, nor a 2K display, but the rest of these specs are pretty cutting edge. Even though this leak doesn't confirm it, we also expect this tab to include 32GB options, and possibly 64GB options as well.

    Source: @evleaks - Twitter
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