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    Speaking of chargers...I have a question. I bought the car dock, which has an input for the charger to go into. I have just run a USB cable with the correct ends into my cigarette lighter which has a USB plug in. Is that a BAD idea? Should I get the official Verizon car charger? I'm starting to think YES after I looked at the regular wall charger and see that the output is only 5.1 Volts :icon_eek:


    EDIT: After checking around a little, it seem that most (ALL?) of the cigarette lighter adapters that have USB outputs on them ARE 5 volts for the USB outputs. I just bought an oem charger and car charger set off of Ebay. I read some bad reviews of the dual car/USB charger that I'm using. I'll stop using it as soon as the OEM one arrives.
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