Sorcery! for Android: Nostalgic Eighties' 'Choose Your Own Adventure' Style Book/Game

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    Video Source Credit: IGN Mobile.

    If you are old enough to reminisce about the way fantasy games used to be on much older (many now obsolete) platforms, then chances are you are also old enough to remember a time before video games. Back in the eighties, the first "interactive" games were "choose your own adventure" books. Steve Jackson games, (the famous makers of the Munchkin, GURPS and more) have a new Android & iOS game available that blends this old school "choose your own adventure" text based concept with a digital framework. There's some strategy involved, but it's mostly just great writing, great artwork, and the power of your imagination.

    It's important to note that Sorcery! is a faithful digital resurrection of a real world series from the past. At $5 bucks, the game is a little on the pricey side compared to most Android games, but for fans of fantasy adventure, it is likely well worth sacrificing your next Latte to grab this. Hit up the Google Play Store source link below for more info or to grab your copy!

    Source: Google Play Store - Sorcery! From Steve Jackson Games
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    Very cool, went ahead and bought it for my Nexus 7, beautifully done so far. Can't wait to let my son go through this.
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