Sony to Unify Phones & Tablets Under the 'Xperia' Name; 9.4" Aluminum Tab in Sept.

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    A leaked slide-show gives us a deep look at Sony's new mobile device strategy going forward. Apparently, they are seeing the wisdom in developing a coherent branding platform like Apple and Samsung have developed with their mobile devices the iDevice and the Galaxy Series. Sony plans to unify their mobile branding under the Xperia line from now on, and their first move will include a brand new Xperia tablet that will supposedly be coming in September. The new 9.4-Inch Xperia slate will be similar to their previous wedge design, although it will be 42% thinner. Here are the rest of the supposed specs:
    • 9.4" 1280x800 pixels of resolution Display
    • Splash-proof aluminum body
    • Tegra 3 quad-core processor
    • 8.8mm in the wedge section
    • 8MP rear camera
    • 6000mAh battery promising 10 hours of web browsing
    • Android ICS "or later"
    Apparently Sony is also planning a unique feature for this device as well a slew of accessories. The Tablet will have a "Guest Mode", which will allow different users to log into different profiles. The accessories will include a keyboard cover, a charging cradle, dock, speaker, a stand and a carrying case. There are even pricing details in the slideshow. Here's how they break down (Although the source of the leak indicates that the prices will actual start $50 bucks lower than this): $450 for the 16GB, $550 for the 32GB, $650 for the 64GB. We included one of the pics, but you can see more at the source link below.

    Source: via XperiaBlog
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    Neat, have you seen the asus transform? That thing is awesome. I want one, but 300$ is a tad steep. Maybe that's what I put on the credit card nex. Who knows, but it's worth it with the touch pad AND full keyboard!