Sony is Doubling-Down on Camera Tech; Investing Billions into Image Sensor Business

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    The well-informed fans in the mobile world probably already know that most of the best smartphone cameras in the world are probably using a Sony sensor. The latest news suggests Sony realizes this is a market where they reign supreme, and have decided to reinforce this position by pouring billions into taking their image sensor technology to the next level.

    According to a report from the WSJ, Sony wants to raise around $3.6 billion by selling new shares of stock and convertible bonds. This will be the first time that Sony has issued new shares since 1989 (and it did cause a moderate 8.25% stock price drop on announcement). Here's a quote with more of the details,

    It's great to see Sony making the wise play by enhancing their strong qualities. Let's just hope it doesn't signal a future in which they leave the mobile smartphone business entirely.
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