Sony Double Feature P1: Phone Batteries that Last 40% Longer Due in 2020

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    We have a Sony double feature for you folks today, with two Sony stories in rapid fire succession. Technically, this first one is from yesterday, but we figured it would be fun to throw it in the mix. Apparently, Sony is working on their own lithium-ion battery enhancements. According to the intel, Sony is developing a new Li-ion battery that will last 40% longer than traditional Li-ion technologies.

    While that's not a huge boost, it's still pretty significant over-all. The only caveat here is that they don't project o be able to launch the enhanced battery until 2020. That seems like an inordinate amount of time in the tech world, and we suspect a newer and more advanced technology will likely hit the ground running before that timeframe.

    Regardless, it's nice to see that Sony is working on the issue, and if we are wrong on our prognostications for other battery tech, then a 40% boost will be a welcome site come 2020. We will keep you folks informed if anything shifts.

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