Song titles different on phone than on computer

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    I'm trying to use Doubletwist as my main android music syncer, although I generally use iTunes because I also have an iPod
    Look at this picture:

    Notice how a bunch of the tracks have no artist or any other info and have numbers at the beginning of the song titles, and some have all the information looking all neat?

    Well, when I'm in iTunes or my Double twist library on the computer (notice how in the picture I am looking at songs on the phone, not on the computer), EVERY song looks nice and neat. However some look crappy and have weird info while on the phone in any music playing app and in double twist while looking at the phone's songs. This happens seemingly no matter what. I've tried phone's memory, SD card memory, air syncing, drag and dropping via USB, auto syncing... I don't know what to do. How can I make all the songs on the phone look like how they are on the computer?
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