Some Incredible Questions - by an old Droider

Discussion in 'Droid Incredible Hacks' started by Hashi, Dec 1, 2010.

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    Hello -

    I've tried to read all I can in this forum to learn the ways of hacking the Incredible. I'm not clear on a few things, but have about 13 months with a Droid 1 and SBF's, flashing ROMs, Kernels, overclocking, undervolting, and the like.

    I spent last week trying a Droid 2 global, which I rooted, de-blurred, and under-clocked, but still had such bad battery life compared to the droid 1, that I sent it back today.

    So I'm looking at Incredible's and am noticing some fundamental differences I can't figure out:

    Any help would be greatly appreciated:

    1. No SBF files for restore via RSD-Lite. (or am I just missing the obvious?) Do you do all modifications including going back to first base (unrooted) via .zip files and clockworkmod/sprecovery?
    2. AMOLED vs. whatever they replaced it with (SLED?): I'm a noob to the Inc. and wasn't aware of the switch until now. I take it there are some versions of the OS that have drivers for the AMOLED only? If I get one this week or next week, will it have the other display? If so, where could I find an image that'd allow me to retrace my steps in case I had to return it?
    3. Rooting for good: Is this a solid deal? Can you root via adb? Are the drivers for USB (32 & 64 bit) the same as for the other droids?
    4. Kernels and Wireless tether: Can I find an overclockable kernel that is also undervolted, has an interactive governor option? (any kernel news will interest me). Does wireless tether work if you follow the "android.tether" + fw option + wireless tether latest apk from xda?
    5. Clockworkmod recovery: I don't suppose Rom Manager works correctly? If not, that doesn't matter, but does clockworkmod? If so, how do you boot to it without having the hard kbd?
    6. Battery life in general: Of course, there are as many opinions as people. I just want to know the average life of the battery given "light" usage. I mean by that , 30-60 minutes of phone time, and say an hour or two of other messing around on the phone using data/net. Can it make through 24 hours with the stock battery or do I have to get the Seido 1750mA right out the door? I don't like the ones that require a larger case form-factor.
    7. As a control factor, I've been using .. I think it's called Sapphire 1.1.1 ROM for quite awhile, and having very good luck with it along with the cvpcs kernel. I'm overclocked from 550M to 1.0G and undervolted by a small amount. Battery life is ~2-3 days with a stock-size 1500mA battery.
    Thanks very much in advance for any answers to these questions.

    If you think they've all been answered before, that's cool and any Inc. pointers would be gladly received.