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Discussion in 'Koush' started by PDR447, Apr 16, 2010.

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    I just have to ask, is this really true anymore:
    1. This rom is not a "fully loaded" rom. You won't see much more than you would see in a stock android build. It's meant to be a nice, enhanced, optimized version "stock" android. Koush will not be deviating from cyanogen's "vision" for the build.

    lol I feel like CM is one of the most loaded ROMs out there
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    Justis, loaded is a loaded question, pardon the pun.

    I think I would clasify it is mostly unloaded compared to others. No alternate music app from source A, no alternate camera from source B, no 345 scripts to change everything about the experience, just a very functional CM settings menu that addresses the basic features that folks like to have. If you follow the trends in romming, IMHO, you will see either basic, no frills close to stock to appeal to the folks who need solid functioning or everything but the kitchen sink for the folks who need to have a different experience. I honestly feel these roms fall right in the middle.

    Heck, I am just pleased to have a soild no problems rom, with decent features, and a little customization all for our dead-end D1's. But then I am one of those users who uses the phone extensively for work, and I need it to work:)

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