Solutions to Get Remote Access Working (3G/4G network)

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    Air Playit enables users to access video library via remote server (3G/4G network). However, due to some reasons, your computer might not be accessible from internet. 2 major causes as listed below.

    Port forwarding

    A router has two IP addresses: an external IP address and an internal IP address which acts as the gateway for every computer on the network.
    A computer outside of the network can not "see" a computer inside of the network. They can only "see" and send data to the external IP address of the router. The router must then decide what to do with this data. Port Forwarding simply tells the router which computer on the local area network to send the data to. When you have port forwarding rules set up, your router takes the data off of the external IP address port number and sends that data to an internal IP address port number.

    How to configure port forwarding on your router?
    It seems that the current version of Air Playit doesn’t support auto configure port forwarding on the router. Thus, we’d better configure port forwarding manually. Below are the steps:
    • Log in to your router settings.
    • Add new port forwarding entry - port 37218, protocol TCP. The forwarding IP address needs to be IP address of your computer.
    DMZ settings
    DMZ, short for Demilitarized Zone, is a computer or small subnetwork that sits between a trusted internal network, such as a corporate private LAN, and an untrusted external network, such as the public internet. It is a common feature of router that allow to chose one client to which all traffic is forwarded.

    If your modem supports DMZ, you may try the following tip.
    • Run Air Playit server. Find the LAN IP address of the computer on which the server is installed.
    • Log in to the modem web admin interface, find the DMZ settings and put the IP address there.
    However, in this way, your computer might be exposed to the internet.

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