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    SocialBind for Facebook

    ★ SocialBind (formerly FBTouch) is the BEST and FREE Facebook Mobile client app for Android packed with extra features lacked in other apps! ★
    ★ SocialBind brings you to the next level, fast, and simple Facebook experience. ★
    ★ The 5th version of SocialBind has been rewritten for better performance and tons of features with more available languages! ★
    ★ This is the next generation of the original popular FbTouch, FbTouch X, FbTouch XT, FbTouch HD, and FBTouch 4! ★
    Tip 1 ★ You can hide the ad banner by clicking it on each launch!
    Tip 2 ★ You can change menu language by pressing MENU --> Preferences --> Language (You must exit app and open it again to completely change to the selected language.)

    ★★★★★ Great Features! ★★★★★
    + Code rewrite for better performance!
    + Support Android 4.0 ICS Holo Theme
    + Support notifications
    + Support Check-Ins
    + Can launch Facebook Messenger and Go!Chat
    + Scroll page using volume key
    + Fullscreen toggle
    + Search button shortcut
    + Automatically launch YouTube app from YouTube video links
    + Launch links on a web browser
    + Save image (Long touch on an image)
    + Photo uploading
    + Multilingual menu (Chinese, English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Portugese, and Spanish)
    + Clear cache
    + App2SD


    Get it from here
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