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    I've just finished my first game, it's very simplistic, simply juggle a soccer ball using touch. Though there are quite a few twists.

    First, I added Multi-Player. Both split screen (2 or 3 player) and phone to phone bluetooth (2 player only). Within Multi-Player there are randomly spawned power ups that players can get to inflict spells on other players' balls. The bluetooth is the biggie for this app, it's really what makes the full version worth it.

    Second, I added a campaign mode with 50 levels, ending with a boss mode where you have to defeat another ball by repeatedly hitting it without falling.

    There is also a quick play mode where you try to get the highest score in one of the 4 possible game modes, which include:
    1-Minute Standard
    1-Minute Combo

    There are some sound effects, including a fun effect for when you win a campaign level. Though they can both be disabled as well as haptic feedback within the settings menu.

    The trial doesn't have 3 player split screen, 1-minute mode, bluetooth, or levels 21-50. so I don't know why you would download it exactly, just to be nice and test it for me maybe?

    Only 2 more things:
    1. A friend of mine with a rooted droid x can't play this game, it always crashed upon started a new game. every other phone/tablet/device i've ever tested works perfect, including other droid x's, i don't know why his won't work. If you crash, please send me a logcat!

    Last thing: These apps will both expire on June 15th, 2011 at midnight.

    Please leave any suggestions/feedback/comment here!

    Soccer Juggle Full (Will be $.99 once released):
    Soccer Juggle.apk

    Soccer Juggle Trial (Will be free, possibly with ads, depending on my account status):
    Soccer Juggle Trial.apk
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