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    Having loved my Droid, I had to make the horrifying and traumatizing decision earlier today to turn her off for about 3 to 6 months and turn on an LG Voyager instead. :(

    I was paying 149 a month for the Droid (on a fam share plan with my son is why; 700 min/unlimited texting) and really can NOT afford it right now. So, my Droid is currently sans calling/texting. I DO have it wifi'd to my home net so I still have the apps and so on, hehe. Net is working too (hopefully that wont make me pay for it since it's off Verizon's network and on AT&T instead).

    Anyone know anything about the LG Voyager? I wanted to put on the mobile tv but didn't know if they make you pay for MB (I have NO internet on the voyager trying to save a lil money so it's JUST for calling mostly but texting at a minimum.....) for watching or not.

    It's a touch screen phone with haptic so my fingers aren't feeling TOO alone, lol, but you can tell it's an older phone by far. I can't put my own music on it like I did the droid. YOu have to rely on buying vcast music instead which I think is totally re re BUT we're dealing with verizon.

    OH. I complained that the familiy 700 min thing for 99 a month was toooo much and threatened to go to sprint or at&t... lo and behold, the operator gave me a plan that is NOT advertized: 550 fam minutes with 250 texts for 65$.

    why do they do that kind of crap? Still, I'm glad to be saving almost 80 dollars a month!

    I MISS MY DROID!!!!!! t_t