So where's my in-app purchase items?

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    I made two in-app purchases on Star Legends (love that game) and Big Time Gangsta and I haven't received the in-app purchase items. What gives? On Big Time Gangsta, it took a while, then it said that the purchase was approved but "it was pending." I got no such warning on Star Legends. I checked my credit card using an app and online, and it never showed that the purchases were made, yet when I called the credit card company's customer service number to find out if there were any problems with my account, the rep saw that the two purchases were made, and was able to give me the details about the times, dates, and amounts of the purchases.

    What's going on?

    So I went to Google Checkout to do some further investigation. I see that the purchases were made despite them not showing up on my credit card's history (on the internet) and not showing up in the games as well. On the Google Checkout page it showed a link to Spacetime Studios (Star Legends) and said that if their is a problem with the order then contact them. Wth, I would think that Google would allow you to dispute a purchase if a dev didn't hold up their end of the bargain... What gives?

    For the record, Spacetime Studios hasn't responded to my email yet. I'm not really worried about the $1 purchase on the other game as I figure if I can get to the bottom of what happened on the Star Legends game I can quickly resolve what happened on the other game.

    I'm just worried that if I spend a rather chunky amount of dollars on one of these apps that this will happen again...

    [UPDATE]: I now see that my credit card has been charged for the Star Legends in-app purchase, but I still haven't received my items, and purchases on my credit card usually show up immediately.

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