So what should I do with my Droid Eris now that I am getting the D4?

Discussion in 'Motorola Droid 4' started by fingaz, Feb 9, 2012.

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    Keep it as a backup, that is what I do with my OG Droid. Won't be phone-less for the time it takes for the replacement to arrive in the mail. I know the Eris is crap but it can be made livable with some rooting/tweaking and having the Eris for a few days while your shiny new replacement phone is on the way (if you have an unfortunate incident or it is just glitchy) is better than not having a phone at all. Also if you for some reason decide you hate the D4 you can put the Eris back on as the primary and sell your D4 with a clean ESN to fund another phone of your choosing. I used an even worse smartphone than the Eris for this purpose (Storm 9530...shudder...). You won't get anything for the Eris anyway so unless you take advantage of various buyback programs that will likely only give you $20-$30 it is better to keep as a spare or just remove the battery and replace with as many fireworks as you can stuff in there...
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