So, my band members couldn't come into the studio today to work on the new album...

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    So I'm left being bored. That usually isn't a good all. Usually leaving me bored and access to photoshop is bad because people end up with monocles, epic moustaches and top hats.

    I just finished the logo redesign for the upcoming EP and contract album so I'm taking a break. It's hard work being so multitalented. Drummer. Songwriter. Good looking. Graphics artist. Damn. :p

    So...I realize I've spend quite a while going through here and obtaining information on all of my various android phones. I figure I may as well toss this out there to get some feedback.

    This is our single we went and evolved and recorded. It ended up scoring us our Artist Development Contract: "Echoplasm"

    And here is the album "Rusted Memories", that we released after, but was in the works well before:

    I also wrote an eBook companion to the album as an extra. Gives insight on the album and the songs/lyrics. If there is interest in the album itself, I'll give a link to download the whole package.

    I eagerly await any feedback and honestly just want to share my music with my fellow droiders.

    Because I'm bored and I got tired of the tophat tricks. :p