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    Hi...My name is Derrick...and I'm a new Droid user...

    (Insert "Hi Derrick" here if you want)

    I've been on for maybe a couple of days. Had looked at a few different smartphones before but mostly from a distance. Figured with the upgrade on my Verizon account I would test the market. Plus I wanted something that would maybe play my vast collection of music without having to give up and buy an iPod.

    I ordered if Friday afternoon though somewhere I wish I had did that in the morning instead. When I got up that morning they were offering existing customers the phone for $149, plus the $100 off for upgrade. Oh well...

    So far I like the phone. Seems like the apps available for it are cool. There are a few that I have noticed so far that don't work very well or that are just annoying after a few minutes. Can't seem to get the whole "voice" deal to work right now if anyone has a fix. I think it's just me not being able to figure the device out. I have located some cool augmented reality downloads...and one that gives you a lightsaber.


    OK the phone is addicting...
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    (Insert "Hi Derrick" here if you want)


    The phone is definitely addicting. There is so much to do on the phone, I learn 100 new things every day on it.

    Welcome to the site!