So I get the noob trophy of the day :(

Discussion in 'Liberty ROM DX' started by Dullawolf, Jul 29, 2011.

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    I was on justice and wanted to go back to aosp/liberty for the battery life. So I sbf my phone like i have done hundreds of times before. Well, after that I flash the aosp/liberty file. It didn't work, it was stuck at the boot logo. So i pulled the battery and did a factory wipe/data reset. Still didn't work. I then proceded to sbf again. Got back to froyo and reflashed aosp/liberty. Same thing happened again, got stuck at boot logo.

    It wasn't until I was stuck at this boot logo for the second time did I realize that I for got to install Gingerbread before installing Liberty. So, that makes for 3 more sbf's tonight. Bah, so much for going to bed early.