So BB 0.5 seems completely broken for me...

Discussion in 'Bugless' started by Explosivpotato, Dec 20, 2010.

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    Apr 22, 2010
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    So, I used all the previous versions of BB up until 0.5, but had problems with 0.5 and ended up switching ages ago. Well, I have been wanting to try it again but I'm getting issues (the same as before) I can't seem to find anywhere else and I'm wondering if anyone has seen this before.. here's the deal:

    I flash BB0.5, and don't touch the phone until it reboots itself. After signing in to my google account, I am greeted with a notification that my version of laucherpro has expired (wha??) and 2 new text messages. When I view these texts they are from last May (yes, last May - as in 7 months ago - and my text history has been purged countless times since then).

    My first reaction was that BB 0.5 was just broken and moved to Simply Stunning, CM6 and others. Recently, I tried 0.5 again but made sure to wipe ALL partitions from CWM recovery INCLUDING the boot and system partitions, just in case there was some artifacted data there that had been inexplicably lingering.

    Here's the weird part though - I've had my device replaced twice (warranty issues - screens keep going black) since the first time I tried 0.5. The same texts show up, and the same LP message shows up... :icon_eek:

    I even tried downloading the zip from the browser instead of Rom Manager.. No difference. The only common factor between these installs is my SD card, which has been backed up, reformatted and restored several times in this period of time.

    Pardon my french here but what the F**K?? Does anyone know what actually happens at first boot before the phone reboots itself? Whatever is happening here it has to be related to the SD card, but how?? How is the phone restoring two texts that I'm POSITIVE are NOT stored anywhere on the device, and a copy of launcherpro that is expired and therefore will not work?