Snowball Brings All Your Messaging Notifications To One Inbox

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    There are several chat/messenger apps that most of us use regularly. It would be nice if we could just send out an email to all of our friends, "unless you use Google Hangouts I won't talk to you". This is not really feasible though. Our Tech savvy friends send us messages from Google Hangouts, our Mom sends us messages from Facebook, and the hipsters send us messages from snapchat. It gets kind of old having to launch several different messenger apps during the day, but if you are going to talk to everyone you'll just have to suck it up and deal with it. Unless of course you are using Snowball. Snowball is a new startup backed by Google Ventures. Their app will allow you to access all of your notifications from the same inbox. For now the app is sort of limited. It is still in the Beta stages and for now if you click the message it will send you back to the associated app. The inbox is accessible through a chatheads style floating bubble. When you open up the notification you get a list of all your messages from each platform. For now this will serve as a way to consolidate your messages. It supports Hangouts, Facebook Messenger, Twitter, WhatsApp, WeChat, Snapchat, Line, Slack, and your sms app. Head to the Play Link below for a free download.

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