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    As I mentioned in my introductory post, I am an avid collector and player of retro games, and use flash carts like the SNES PowerPak to play the games on original hardware so I do not risk damaging the box or the cart itself (other than an initial play test to make sure it functions). I have now purchased a JXD S7300 gaming tablet so I can play some of these 16-bit titles on the move.

    I have encountered an issue with SNESOID and wondered if anyone else has had the same problem. All the ROMs I have used so far work except for the classic Konami shooter Axelay. When launched, I just see a black screen. The first time I tried it, I also heard the chimes associated with the Konami logo but that was it. I know the ROM is fine (though I have tested more than one) as it works with my flash cart on an actual SNES. So my question would be has anyone else experienced this issue, and were you able to resolve it, or are there certain games which just don’t work on SNESOID?

    Look forward to hearing your thoughts.
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