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    I have a weird bug I can't find a fix for. I use Handcent and LFY 1.95 for D1. When sending a text, I notice the little circle that signifies the text is "sending" remains long after the message is sent. In fact, it doesn't really go away. The recipient gets the message, but the text stays in "sending" status, even though it has already been sent. The problem is, when I power my phone down and reboot it, all of those messages get sent again! This sometimes results in 50 or 60 messages being resent, hours or even days after I originally sent them.

    I've tried uninstalling handcent, but the problem appears with the native messaging app, too. I've tried changing ROM's, factory resetting, clearing the messaging data, everything I can think of other than un-rooting my phone and going back to stock.

    Any ideas? I can't find this bug anywhere on the web, and my friends are tired of getting 50 old texts from me at 2am!
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