Smoked Glass Boots *Updated 03/08* (ALL Builds/Voltages - 42 Kernels)

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    Smoked Glass Boots

    As always... I am not responsible for any damage you cause to your phone. Anything you download and apply, you have chosen to do. No one is twisting your arm.

    Hello everyone... This is a very simple Rom.tgz that will let you choose from a multitude of Boot Images with different voltages and overclocking ranges. All of these kernels have 5 processor slots. I have heard from reliable sources that having too many processor slots can cause your OPP Registry to be overwritten. So PLEASE download and flash these instead.
    I hope you all enjoy!​

    This is in ROM.tgz format... I have created one for the older 2.0.1 builds and the newer ESE53 build.

    Each Rom.tgz contains 21 Kernels (Boot.img)... 3 Sets of Voltages - 7 Speed Ranges Each
    Always try the lowest voltage first!!!

    Overclocking Ranges
    (3 Voltage Settings per Range)
    • 250, 400, 500, 550, 600
    • 250, 400, 550, 700, 800
    • 250, 400, 550, 750, 900
    • 250, 400, 600, 800, 1000
    • 250, 400, 600, 800, 1100
    • 250, 400, 600, 800, 1200
    • 250, 400, 600, 850, 1300

    Installation Instructions...
    ALWAYS perform an Advanced Nandroid Backup BEFORE Installation of this or any other ROM. Backup ALL parts of your phone.

    If you are careful and take your time, installation should be quick, easy, and painless. And remember, if you don't feel comfortable - do some research on the forums. Every question or query you have, I'm sure we've all had - so don't be afraid of reading and researching before you jump. Have Fun!

    DISCLAIMER… I'm sure you've all heard it before... Download and install at your own risk. I am not responsible for any damage you cause to your phone.

    --- SPRecovery v0.99.2b or v0.99.3b is required... ---

    --- ROM will make backup for you... Name will be "preinstall". It can't hurt to make your own though! ---
    1. Download the Smoked Glass Boot Rom.tgz - File should be named *.rom.tgz You may have issues with Google Chrome!
    2. Place the *.rom.tgz file in the root of your SD Card. It should not be inside of any folder.
    3. Reboot into SPRecovery v0.99.2b or v0.99.3b (Press and hold the "Power" and "X" buttons)
    4. The next few steps create a backup for yourself - just in case. The Installation of the ROM will do so as well - so this is optional.
    5. Select "Backup/Restore"
    6. Select "Advanced Nandroid Backup"
    7. Select ALL options for Backup (System, Data, Misc, Cache, Boot, Recovery)
    8. Name your backup whatever you want (This is a backup of your old OS, data, everything.)
    9. Select "Perform Backup"...
    10. Return to the main SPRecovery Screen by pressing the "Power" button twice.
    11. Select "Install" from the menu in the main SPRecovery screen.
    12. Select "Choose ROM from SD card" from the menu.
    13. Choose the *.rom.tgz file you've just downloaded and placed in the root of your SD Card.
    14. Wait for SPRecovery to perform a backup and decompress the ROM...
    15. Follow the installation instructions and choose your preferred options.
    16. When it tells you that you are finished... you're done.
    17. Reboot and enjoy.

    Older 2.0.1 Builds (Smoked Glass ROM v5.0.1, ESD56, etc.)
    Download Now

    Newer 2.1 Builds (Smoked Glass ROM v6.0, or other ESE53, ERE25)
    Download Now

    Make sure you have tried multiple voltage settings...
    Make sure you have tried the LOWEST voltage first...
    Make sure if you have rebooting issues, that you have formatted your data.
    (You shouldn't need to... only do so if you have issues...)

    Thank You!!!!

    Thank You!!!!

    If you would like to keep your 9 slot (or other) boot.img... that is up to you. However, there is a good chance your OPP Registry can be overwritten... the risk is yours to take. The way it was put to me is... think of it as Russian Roulette. Save your old 9 slot boot.img (or just keep v5.0.1 on hand) if you do want to keep it though! I will not be including those anymore in the Smoked Glass ROM... not with the known issues.

    Because of request, I have also added a link to[​IMG]. Your generosity is always very much appreciated. Thank you all so much for your support!

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    anyone have this in a *.zip* ?? i'm at work and it doesn't recognize the file type :/ and downloading through tether on my mac is slow for some reason, super, super slowwwww.... d/l time 9 hours lol I don't think tether was made to download or something :/

    Never mind I got it
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    No options when installing, just does it on it's own and says (done)?

    Nevermind, redownloaded it and it worked great. Thank you Adam!
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