SmartQ Z Watch android smart watch €94

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    SmartQ Z Watch Features

    SmartQ Z Watch android smart watch €94

    SmartQ Z Watch
    This stylish SmartQ Z Watch Gear connects wirelessly with your Android cell phone and Tablet PC, and makes sure you have everything you need right there on your wrist and within reach. You can keep your cell phone in your pocket, with the Z Watch on your wrist, you can control your phone, receive calls notify or messages and more.

    8 different dial plate style for you to choose
    3-in-1 3.5mm port for data transmission, charging, connecting earphone
    The same operation interface as Android Smartphone, easy to use
    Comes with SleepAnalysis, may help you get a better understanding of your sleep
    Comes with Music Player and 4GB ROM, allows you listening to music while exercising
    This Z Watch also allows you to install your own designed apps in it
    When you are wearing SmartQ Z Watch Gear, you can get calls notify(does not support answering calls) and receive messages from your wrist
    Open Z Watch camera, you can control your cell phone to take photos
    Built-in motion sensor, ZWatch will automatically light up the screen for you when you raise your hand
    Comes with pedometer function, allows you to set daily exercise program, then you can check the daily/weekly/total data record to accurate analysis your movements
    Z Watch supports Android 4.0 OS or above
    SmartQ Z Watch Basic Information

    Model Z Watch
    Color Red
    Shell Material Plastic
    Z Watch Gear System

    OS Android 4.3
    CPU JZ4775, 1.0GHz
    ROM 4GB eMMC
    RAM 512MB Mobile DDR
    ZWatch Gear Screen

    Display Size 1.54 Inch
    Type TFT, Capacitive touch screen
    Resolution 240 x 240 pixels

    SmartQ ZWatch Android Watch IPX7 Water-proof Free Android Smartphone 4GB Black UK Android
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