Smartphones ruin weddings

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    I personally agree with what was said in the video. Recently I attended a wedding and the amount of people with their phones out (some with their iPads) were hawking over the bride and groom getting in the photographers way or blocking the view of others. I understand that family and friends want that special shot as well, but the way they have to go about it due to the improper equipment is extremely disrespectful to the new couple and the wedding ceremony in general. It still amazes me what our smartphones have become where they replace multiple devices that used to be carried around, but this is an occasion where technology gets in the way.

    The way I see it, you want that perfect shot? Leave it to the photographer they hired and order some prints, heck they even come in digital too so you can view them on your phone/tablet, don't ruin someone else's time to try and get the perfect shot. Keep the your phones pointed at the table settings and decorations, or at the bride and groom from a distance. If you really want to get that perfect shot from a phone without getting in the way, go get a Nokia 1020:p

    Solid Advice for Wedding Guests: Put the Smartphone Away and Sit Down!