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    First of all I'm a newbie here. Hopefully I can contribute to the site. I recently upgraded from the original Motorola Droid to the RAZR Max. So far I love the device but I'm having some issues I need help with. I'm trying hard with my new device to not overload it with nonessentials and just stick to the basics. My questions are below.
    • I am having problems with alerts in the middle of the night. Each day I have our business banking account balance auto texted to me. It arrives at around 0430. I've tried to avoid the alert with the following Smart Action; Time 2215-0555, Ringer Silent-Vibrate, Background Sync is off, Cellular Data is Disabled, VIP Caller Mode enabled with VIP entries. I should also mention that I have Missed Message Flasher App to avoid missing texts during the day. I have missed a few texts before I installed this. My thinking is that with cell data off the text wouldn't come in during the Sleep Action. Does anyone have any suggestions? I could just remove the Missed Message App but I want to make sure I don't miss texts. Any ideas will be appreciated.
    • On my older Droid I like that I was able to have different tones for different alerts. Am I missing something here or isn't the notification the same for email, calendar appointments, text's etc. Is there a way to change this?
    • When I see discussions about de-bloating the device, is this necessary? I do experience lag on occasions that remind me of my old device.
    Thanks ahead for any advice that can be provided.

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