Small team with ZERO budget but 100% passion has new APP! (need your feedback pls)

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    Feb 13, 2014
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    We just released the Beta version of our news app on Google Play.

    Back in April of 2013, we started thinking about building a simple newsreader that avoids flashy gimmicks, an endless scrolling feed, and the visual onslaught of images, videos, animations, etc. We wanted to cut out all the noise and build a newsreader where users can quickly organize, discover, consume, and share ‘must see’ news based on #headlines - #headlines from friends, people they care about, and publishers on the interweb.

    We still have a core component to add and improve some of our existing features, but we wanted to get an early version out so we can gather feedback/comments.

    Let us know what you think :).