Slot Cycle for Droid 1

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    Windows XP.
    Install the droid drivers from moto's website.

    Get these files

    Install them.

    Power down the phone. Unplug usb cable. Remove battry. Add battery. Hold down T while booting without usb cable. Wait 5 to 10 seconds after motorola logo and plug in usb.
    Keep holding down T until you see it add new hardware for a ADB Networking or something like that...

    The phones ip in this mode is and my friend rich said it was pingable (Oh yeah props to rich.. we were bored and I told him how I miss being able to adjust my slot cycle and he said whats that? And hour later he found the info!)

    Then go to the Virtual Serial port proggie. Setup a comport. Make sure to use these settings. Uncheck that NVT Enable!



    Then go into the QPST Configuration and add the comport you created. It should see your phone.

    Then run the service manager.. Read from phone.. adjust settings.. write to phone.
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