Sliding Explorer, A New Take On File Exploring

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    I have been using Root Explorer now for the past 3 years. I will have to say that I have really gotten my $5 worth with that app. Since the release of File Explorer there have been several other file explorer kings to arrive on the play store. Many of these new file explorers offered the same functionality, being able to change system files, to your device for free. Some of these file explorers have tried to keep up with the new design and style of Android, but their has not really been any attempt at a new or unique UI.


    Sliding Explorer takes the new HOLO guidlines of Android and utilizes the theming in their app. They have also utilized a new Sliding UI. On top of this they have added lots of features such as Google Nav Drawer Navigation, Root Access, File Folder Creation and renaming/copy/cut/andpaste, Image previews, show hidden files, directory shortcuts, file sharing and more! This is the total package and brings a fresh look and feel to file exploring. Grab it from the Play Link below.

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    I switched from Uncopt File Browser to this last night. It's a bit lacking on features right now, as it's apparently still in beta. It shows a lot of promise, however, and I'm looking forward to some of the additions the developer has in store.
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