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    It's so much fluffy I'm gonna slash it!


    Good news for those who are tired of boring games with the same type of levels! Introducing Slashear - the new exclusive game universe created by a young team of developers! We worked hard to make it really fun and interesting to play. In this game you will find original graphics, cute enemies with super power abilities and much more. Our hero is a small boy who travels through worlds of famous adventure movies and fights against cute but dangerous invaders.

    Check trailer on Youtube:

    In Slashear you will find:
    + Distinctive worlds, inspired by the most remarkable action movies
    + Lot of fluffy monsters that really want to eat you
    + Interesting & fun final of each level
    + Many puzzles to solve if you want keep you alive
    + Advanced AI - enemies will try to surround you, organize attack
    + Different weapons, pickups & power ups
    + Secret levels with tons of stuff
    + Ability to transform into wolf (or any other monsters as special case)

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    We are also working on preparing a pack of lessons of how to make such game! What do you think about it? Will you be interested to get such lessons?
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