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    We've launched GpsSkiMaps ( Android. The app supports 109 ski resorts in USA & Canada and over 500 ski resorts in Europe(coming soon!!). Its the only Android app to offer offline GPS accurate ski maps, with detailed trail by trail analytics specially designed for skiers and snowboarders.

    Videos illustrating some of the features of the app are here.

    Demo Videos | GpsSkiMaps

    A detailed description of the features is here.

    Features | GpsSkiMaps

    You can find more details regarding the new release on our blog at this link.

    BerrySki: BerrySki is now GpsSkiMaps - now on Android® & Blackberry®

    Some of the features in this release are:

    Improved vertical stats (Trail by trail stats - only app mobile or desktop to do so) (New!!)
    Trail by trail Stats
    Export Tracks
    Download GPS accurate Maps for offline use
    Pan/Zoom/Locate Yourself
    Record Tracks
    View Track Overlay
    Live Track Animation
    Track Summary
    View POIs
    Custom Waypoints
    Distance Bearing Tool
    Season/Lifelong summary

    Thanks a lot for reading this,

    --GpsSkiMaps Patrol
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