Simplify Your Home Screen With Commands Launcher

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    The new "Commands Launcher" app by developer "SpadaBoss" is not really a full on launcher. However it works together with your current launcher to give your homescreen possibly the cleanest least cluttered look ever. The command launcher allows you to create widgets that contain commands (shortcuts). This means you can have commands for on your homescreen for the things you do most (ie "call mom", "launch twitter" ect.) These widgets can be added to both your homescreen and your lockscreen.

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

    App Features include:
    -homescreen and lockscreen widgets
    -three different text sizes for widgets (small, medium, big)
    -side scrolling menĂ¹ for helping app's navigation
    -view of commands defined in a list
    -backup and restore your commands in and from sd card
    -three themes: light, dark, black (black is useful for amoled users, it will displays better and will save battery)
    -four different transitions types between app's page

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