Simplex Rom for the Droid Razr updated to 1.2! New Features!

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    With the Kexec boot process coming to the Droid Razr full AOSP roms like Cyanogen mod and AOKP should be just around the corner. Until they come there are a few solid Roms that are here for your flashing pleasure now. Developer "EmericanX" has just updated his Simplexrom which should hold you over until all the new Kexec Roms are here! SipleXrom is basically a debloated, deodexed, blurless Rom. Most all of the Blur elements have been replaced by their AOSP counterparts. By now most of the bugs have been worked out and this should be a pretty stable build. It should be noted that this Rom is only compatible with Safestrap2.0. Besides being Deodexed and Debloated this rom also includes a tweak script by Sparkyman which really increases speed and performance! Another great addition is built in Tethering and Hotspot functionality. This Rom includes a few other goodies like notification toggles, and accurate battery mod.


    In the latest update Blur launcher has been replaced with Trebuchet launcher. CPU control modules have been added. Simplex settings have been incorporated into system settings. Overclocking up to 1.35ghz has been added to CPU control. Spare parts and Beats audio have been included as well.

    Grab the Rom here!

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