SIM card error message?

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    Anyone having this/similar issues--I was about an hour from home yesterday--turned on my phone, when I unlocked it--got a message from wave secure that my phone had been stolen and locked and I need to enter my password. I thought that was strange since the phone was in my hand but I entered my password. I then received a message that an unknown SIM card was in my phone and did I want to mark it as a safe card. I said yes and since then I haven't had 3G or 4 G service. 1X or nothing. And my husband received a text message from wave secure saying my phone might have been stolen because a new SIM card had been put in it and to verify with me if the phones was stolen.

    My phone is stock--not rooted. I've tried switching the settings from CDMA + LTE/EvDo auto to CDMA only and back but nothing helps. I've pulled the battery a few times. NADA.

    I figured I'd go to Verizon tonight or tomorrow to see what the heck was wrong with the phone and if I could get a new SIM card. What the heck is going on??
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