Sidebar Plus Multitasking Like AOKP Ribbons For Any Device!

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    Sidebar Plus for Android is brings incredible multitasking to any Android device! AOKP has ribbons, Paranoid Android has Halo, but Sidebar Plus allows you to have the ability to multitask without installing a custom rom or even rooting your phone for that matter. Sidebar plus adds a pullout bar to your device that allows you to quickly access apps or even your phone's settings from anywhere in the operating system, even within other apps. This is unique in the fact that you actually get multiple bars. The app adds the sidebar to your device and depending on where you slide the bar you get a different settings or apps. This app is highly customizable to suite your needs.

    Features Include:
    -Create Multiple bars
    -Support for adding Apps, Settings, Contacts, or Shortcuts to the bar
    -Widgets in the bar
    -Theme settings for the bar

    This app is free head to the play link below to try it out!

    Via Play Store
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