SICK [THEME] SubZ3RO Theme For Theme Chooser!

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    The above SubZ3RO theme is the first in a new series of themes by theme dev "JBlundon". The theme is a theme chooser theme to be used with CM10 and AOKP style roms that support the theme engine. This theme is a black and blue theme that has a digital scanned look. It feels very futuristic. The theme will give your device a whole new look. Lots of apps have been themed here. Themed apps include Email, Gmail, sms/mms, clock, calendar, calculator, Apollo, gallery, camera, market, Google now, search and many more. This theme inverts everything and adds sharp blue highlights.

    App icons look great. They have been hit with blue. App icons have been highlighted in blue to give them a futuristic Tron like appearance. The dialer has a unique look. Each black number is highlighted with blue to give them a glowing appearance. All of the Framework-res is themed to make everything pop! Gmail is inverted with blue text to give a very clean look. This is more than just a theme experience. After flashing the addons which include A custom Boot Animation, app and media, and some extra non flashable wallpapers make this almost feel like a complete rom.

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